about Along the LiNES!

Along the Lines is/was started by Jason Vanstone. Over the years has developed ATL’s sound with many musicians Robert Sim (Engineer, Drums) and Andrew Wilton (Bass). After the 64 Coolmine years there was a revolving door of musicians. In Dec 2007 Along the LiNEs became dormant and Jason started to play around with electronic sounds… (ie The Reservation). During the creation of the Reservation soundtrack, Jason and Mike established a connection that was creating new exciting works. In Sept of 2008 (yes almost a year later) Jason Vanstone and Mike Brisbin have been breaking down the songs of Along the LiNEs for a new live show experience and a CD hopefully early next year.

Current Line up:

Jason Vanstone - Vocals, Guitar
Mike Brisbin - Bass
Laura Manning - Drums

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